Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Major pharamaceutical companies debate dry eye and dry-eye treatment

Several months ago the the directors for the dry-eye research and development programs at Advanced Vision Research, Alcon, Allergan and Alimera Sciences (the guys who develop the artificial tears, nutritional supplements and prescription medications for dry eye) sat down around a table for a lively discussion about dry eye and its treatment. The format was like the presidential debates--the moderators developed questions that were kept secret until asked at the roundtable, each director had 2 minutes to answer each question in turn, and then there was the opportunity for a 30-second rebuttal. The whole proceeding was taped, transcribed and then published by "Review of Cornea & Contact Lens." This is the first time anyone has ever done this, and provides a unique opportunity to hear, unfiltered, from the people behind the treatments. And just like when you watch the presidential debates, you get to decide who "won." Except rather than voting for someone, you will know just how you want to treat dry eye. Click HERE to read the debate.